Booking a Session

All of our gift certificates can be used at Float Kallio and/or Float Roba.

You can book your float sessions four weeks in advance through our booking service. After booking a session, you’ll recieve an email confirmation of the booking . If you have any trouble booking a session, please contact us.

Paying for a session

You can purchase a float session (or sessions) from our store or you can simply book a session and pay for it at arrival.

Want to float for more than 60 minutes?

If you book a session that starts at 9 pm, you can float for up to 90 minutes without additional charge.

Canceling a session

You can cancel a session 12 hours in advance without charge by calling or emailing us. We reserve the right to charge a late-cancellation fee of 30 euros if cancellation is done less than 12 hours before the start of the session.  

What to bring with you?

Nothing really. A session with us includes everything from towels to cosmetics and refreshing drinks after the float. SImply show up and we’ll take care of the rest.