About memberships

Floating yields best results when done regularly. A monthy (or weekly) float session helps to keep your stress levels on check and your day-to-day running smoothly. You’ll find yourself to sleep better and to be more relaxed.

As our member you’ll get cheaper float sessions and additional benefits. You only have to commit to 3 months of floating on our monthly membership. If you miss a float, not to worry, membership floats are valid for two years, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on your floats!

As our member you can bring a friend to float with you for 49€/single session and buy single float gift certificates with that same sweet memebership price!


Monthly Membership – 49€/month

– One 60min float session per month
– Additional floats 45€
– Unused floats are valid for two years
– Single float gift certificates 49€
– 20% discount on everything we sell on location (cosmetics etc.)

Yearly Membership – 1899€/year

Our yearly membership includes 52 float sessions – one for every week of the year. However, you can use these floats in your own time.

– Includes 52 floats
– Unused floats are valid for 2 years
– Single gift certificates for 49€
– 20% discount on everything we sell on location (cosmetics etc.)

Membership Terms

Memberships are personal. Float sessions included in the memberships cannot be used by others or given as gifts, unless the provider (Float Center Helsinki Oy) approves of it.

Unused float sessions are valid for two years. Expired float sessions will not be refunded.

Monthly membership is billed in the beginning of every month. (between 1st and 3rd of every month). Payment is due in 14 days of the arrival of the bill.

The provides reserves the right to adjust the pricing of the memberships and related products. Possible changes in pricing will be communicated clearly to the members so that they have time to react to the changes.

The provider reserves the right to keep any and all of it’s locations closed for 7 days in a month for renevations with out it affecting the billing of members. In case of longer closures, the members have the right to discontinue their memberships immediately.

Memberships can be put on hold for maximum of 3 months in a year, due to sickness, travel or some other reason (the reason does not have to be disclosed).

The desire to put a membership on hold must be communicated to the provider via Email (either or

The term of notice is 1 month and must be communicated to the provider via Email (either or The membership is active until terminated.

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